Capture Asia – Goodbye 2012

It was a decent year for Capture Asia despite a poor economy outpour globally. Many companies engaged in-expensive photographers to lighten their tight budget. Regardless the quality of their portfolio. Sad to say this is the reality and the real world is rough. Am not dishearten by the fact. Life got to move on regardlessly.

Capture Asia will be offering affordable stock images of Singapore next year, an addition service to various international/local publication, especially in Asia. We also can shoot upon request if client required specific images. Giving a more exclusive usage than buying an image that has been used or published before.

The company recently invested in a medium format camera and digital back. I feel there is a need to upgrade and polish my photographic skill, and bring high quality images for my client. Medium format camera is usually use for advertising for professional and very rich hobbyists. Am going to use this camera for most of my commercial job next year. Will post more details of it next time.

Below are some of the portfolio i work on in 2012, regardless of commercial, documentary and travel photography.

A corporate photography for a client in Singapore.

An interior photography for local client from Japan’s office.

A lifestyle photography for a business client.

An editorial/lifestyle photography for students winning award of their product

An annual report photography for an European ship company.

Event photography for G-STAR RAW with various celebrities attending.

Asia travel photography in Nepal, more to come.

A short story coverage of Earth Hour 2012 event for WWF Singapore.

Chinese Guardian Lion is a documentary series photography that is on-going.

THank you for your time reading and support all this while. Ricky Gui sincerely wish everyone a fantastic Happy New Year. Enjoy and take care. See you in 2013!


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