Challenge of an industrial photographer.

Irregardless of the size of a construction, shipyard, industrial project etc. Safety is always the most top priority in industrial environment. Working personnel regardless of rank is require to wear the necessary safety equipment before stepping into the site for work, inspection or supervision. Such preventative measure is to reduce or minimize risk management, targeting zero accident rate in million of working hours. Beside abide the rules and regulations. It is everyone responsibility to take care of themselves, and look out for each other during work.

Being an industrial photographer myself, going into the industrial site is no easy task, beside gearing up the safety equipment such as standard helmet, harness (if going on boom lift, climbing a scaffold, anything 2 level and above), safety goggles, gloves, long sleeves shirt, long pants and industrial boots, sometimes have to wear a mask to prevent the nasty sand and dirt. I will still need to lug my heavy gear with the right equipment to capture the necessary image. Sometimes it can get a little bit in maneuvering around quickly when specific moment appear. Of course i need to be very aware of my surrounding. Most of the time the site manager would be there to assist me throughout the shoot. Ensuring my safety is well taken care of, at least i can shoot with a peace in mind.

Remembering the days of assisting an industrial photographer, i have to carry all the heavy loads in and out of the van, and i mean is really huge and bulky equipment. Am skinny but luckily i have a strong wrist grip. Following the photographer climbing up towers for more than 10 storey to capture the images. Sometimes i have to spend an entire day in a plant, smelling the awful toxic that nearly cause me vomit. As an assistant back that time, my responsibility is to assist the photographer in gears, watch out for his safety, setting up all the lights indoor. It can get pretty tiring, but whenever i look at the back of him – the ever lasting enthusiasm, responsibility and passion for the assignment is beyond words for me. Something that every young photographer and start out assistant should learn nowadays.

Client always engage a professional for a reason, we are using advance camera that is able to give them quality output for their archive, large format print, basically professional photographer are not only been pay to take excellent pictures, but to abide to the requirement given, on other words, we are also a problem solver to make their life easier. We give solution, not give problem by shooting the unnecessary images. All these boil down to proper communication and understand. End of the day, i want my client to be at least happy with the final work produce.

Every industrial scene has it own set of unique moment and beautiful color contrast. Is up to the eye of the photographer to spot the niche, yet at the same time maintaining the demand/requirement of the client’s needs. This means pushing my creative boundary to a new level and constantly open to new set of experiences. Sometimes it can gets very uncomfortable, but by doing it without risking individual safety, the output is always more than a satisfying result.

You can also check out my Singapore industrial photography portfolio for more images. Feel free to email me for a chat or enquiry. For clients who want to see more industrial images, do contact us for portfolio meeting. we would love to pick up more challenges to solve your problem.


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