Capture Asia website is temporary down.

I rely on my website to interact with potential clients that come across it. Presentation, portfolio, loading speed are all important factor to keep the viewer attention, browse a bit more, dig a little deeper to view more images. Existing clients are able to use my website service to download their images after i edit and upload, rather than waiting for CD to be deliver. This means they can either view the image live with their colleagues or friends instantly without been sitting together, perfect isn’t it.

Something went completely wrong this morning, 30th Oct 2012. I uploaded some images for the designer to download. An hour later, the designer show me a print screen of unable to access my website. I was caught off guard by the situation, the website is completely wipe out. A service that proves reliable all the while fail me in such important matter. I was slightly piss, in fact many users were pissed (later i learned). I sent an email to the Support for assistance, no reply as it was night time in the States.I check their Facebook, plenty of users where facing the same problem as me.

Few minutes before i wrote this, unfortunately, i read that Photoshelter that is base in New York encounter Hurricane Sandy. According to the founder, Hurricane Sandy swept through the eastern seaboard of the United States. An explosion of unknown origin at the ConEdison substation took out power to nearly all of the 250,000 homes below 39th street. Guess what, Photoshelter office and data centre were affected, so were some of their homes.

I have to start calling up some of my client to inform them of the situation, coming out with alternative solution to send the file over. Luckily my kind clients were understandable.

My heart of sympathy immediately kicks in after knowing the truth. Mother Nature has once again make a big fuss, this time it head towards New York to create a showery scene. I have witness and document after flood effect in Singapore and Thailand. Business losing money, expensive car underneath the water, 10 hector of padi field become a massive pond, rubbish scattered throughout the scene causing hygiene problem. A painful sight to behold.

All i hope is the affected people are safe and sound. This is something i can’t be furious, hope all the data is safely secure.

God bless the earth.


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