Hello 01102012 – Hello Beijing 2009

A really fresh Monday on the first day of Oct 2012, first blog of the month. Earlier on i was browsing through the Facebook newsfeed and saw a nice image of trees with reddish leaves against the beautiful blue sky, indicating a sign of Autumn is here. The image immediately stirs thoughts of my Beijing travel photography journey in 2009. The fallen essence of time brings back an unforgettable memory.

I was lucky enough to couch in 2 different friend’s house in my entire duration. I can’t be grateful enough to them to host a city boy from Singapore. Been able to witness and directly experience the local culture atmospheric. The best way to blend in as local is to hang out with the Beijinger. This is my personal style of self-environmental adaption in a new city.

It’s been exactly 3 years now. As i planned on an affordable and good comfort tickets price. I was transiting from Hong Kong to Beijing. In all about 7-8 hrs in total. Upon landing, due to the engine heat from the plane. It wasn’t that cold once i step foot on the airport runway. I was quickly ushered into a lengthy bus, which will ferry passengers to the immigration counter. The rest was history.

I took the designated bus out from Beijing capital international airport. Following the direction instructed by my friend previously, taking the bus in overseas was no easy experience for most first time visitors. Luckily the bus had an electronic signboard to inform passenger what is the name of the next bus-stop, this makes my life easier and relax.

Alighted at the designated stop. I was welcomed by a chill of coldness. The weather in Oct was ranging from 5-15 degree Celsius, it was relatively a very comfortable temperature. Minutes later, i realized i was in middle of nowhere at all! The traffic kept flowing along the road, the long and narrow shelter bus stop was too cramped for me to squeeze in. I pulled my luggage to walk for a short 10 meter to get myself orientated in this city. It was about 8 pm, the sky was dark. I quickly called my host am here, she did not pick up. Unzipped my luggage to take out my jacket to keep me warm. Coldness and loneliness quickly creep in, my host’s mobile phone was able to get through. I looked at my paper map, thinking that if my host did not show up, i would head to the nearest hotel to check in. About 20 mins of waiting, it seems like an hour. My host finally appears, with a welcome arm and big smile, i knew the trip has just begun.

Here are some highlights of the places i visited.

A Chinese military police standing guard in Tian An Man Square with a big portrait of Mao Zedong behind him.

An art installation of a man standing on a small jeep in Beijing 798 art zone

Local tourist taking inside Temple of Heaven at Danbi Bridge

An architecture image of the National Centre for the Performing Arts during sunset.

Beautiful architecture of Bird Nest stadium in Beijing

A local visitor observing the panda sleeping on the tall tree.

The original state of Great Wall of China. Simply historical.

Lastly, i would like to wish everyone enjoy this season autumn. Stay warm and cool. *winks*


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