I was feature in Singapore first mandarin travel, gourmet and fashion lifestyle magazine. Travellution (check out their Facebook page).

The editor did an email interview with me with a series of question that set me thinking a lot about my photography journal, my mind wandered back to the first time i operate a camera when i was a young teenager in 16 or 17 years old. Later in my young adult year i picked photography and move on to become a professional photographer in Singapore today.

The main interview was about my thoughts and discovery about travel photography, personally i have a profound love for Asia countries, that is one of the reason why i name my company name Capture Asia. The editor would like to have a series of travel photographs of Ho Chi Minh City i capture during my 1 month living in Vietnam.

As this is a mandarin magazine, i asked whether can i replied in English, as typing in chinese characters take ages to complete. She was generously kind enough to do the translation for me. Such a big relief for me. Big thank you to Evonne Leong!

Travellution can be purchased at NTUC, Cheers, Popular Bookshop, Times, MPH and Kinokuniya in Singapore. Check it out. 🙂


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