SingaporeScape – My thought of Singapore landscape

This year am working on another project named SingaporeScape. Is a series of Singapore landscape images around the country. Been a really tiny nation on the world map. My country exposure in term of landscape platform is not so overwhelming as other bigger countries. Millions of tourists flew in each year, taking wonderful images. Due to the growth of digital camera, images were much more than the past. Similar images are also seen constantly due to certain position that provides fantastic view.

The constant challenge been a photographer is shooting a unique picture of your own. Most hobbits photographer can easily spot a beautiful landscape image here in Singapore, went back to the location to practice shooting it. Space and positioning can be a limitation for certain angle one’s needed. But for the creative part there are thousands ways and more to shoot it.

The common question i received from most people is been a tiny, boring urban country, is kinda of hard to take really good landscape pictures, as compared to the great landscape photographers such as Ansel Adam, Michael Kenna etc. Is boil down to individual creative imaginary department and the type of mood wanted for the image. Everyone has their UNIQUE style of shooting and processing their final presenting image. The sky been the limit apply in this tiny nation. Is a fact i do get tired to see the same landscape over again. The challenge is ultimately to be as different as possible.

Here is a picture of a SingaporeScape i took, the world tallest Ferris wheel. With a height of 164m tall. Opened since 2008, plenty of tourists took the ride, enjoy the view of our cityscape. Taking pictures as a memorial of ‘i’ve been here’. Here are a series of Singapore Flyer images i search from Google.

Anyway, i always wanted to capture a long exposure of the Ferris wheel turning in motion. Without doing any research of the type of images capture and shown on Google. Purely out of my own idea, it may not be the best to you, but the effort to wait for the magic hour during sunset and a long exposure of the wheel in motion is well worth my time.


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