Kamui Kobayashi F1 and photographer’s luck

For the huge F1 fans, Kamui Kobayashi from Sabuer did it again, he launched his ride into the air after touching wheels with Romain Grosjean of Lotus, who had just spun off following with Suchumacher at the first corner in Monaco. I snapped a picture of the car leaping off from the newspaper.

I was shooting the Singapore F1 event in 2011. Cars furiously attacking the chicane like no other business. Busy panning one car after another. Out of sudden, Kamui Kobayashi misjudged the speed and send his vehicle front wheels wheelie into the air, and later crashed into the wall without any injuries. Is like a deja vu, i really can’t believe my hardcore luck to witness it.

However i was equally lucky to capture a full view of the car from the side that went almost flying. Next day i searched for the internet and paper wondering anyone got similar image as mine. Surprisedly am the only one in the world! Am very please to be at the right time, right place and technically correct.

With an eager anticipation, preservance and as Michael Yamashita always said, photographer’s luck.


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