The basic understanding of a company logo

Am sure most people know a company logo is essential during a start up of any business. Logo is a reflection of who you are, what service or product the company is representing/ producing. Everyday browsing through the newspaper and magazine. Logo is basically everywhere, but not making the most obvious visual appearance at times. Unlike established company, people instantly recognize Apple, BMW, Canon, Mercedes, IBM, Google, Addidas, Starbucks Coffee, Nike etc. The simplicity of color, shape and pattern is instantly stamp into our mind.

A good logo establishes confidence, personality, harmony between the consumer and the supplier. People relate your logo to your product, some don’t even think twice before purchase. Because consumer identify the brand and it’s visual effect.

How do i carve out my niche logo? Am a photographer, not a designer. In my opinion the two of them at least have a creative mindset. That doesn’t mean they comprehend each other fairly. Logo doesn’t need to be fanciful, of course there are always some exception. Logo reflect who you are. A visual representation of your product or service. It should be something you are proud to show your potential client, putting it on every piece of marketing collateral. It takes time to understand yourself, the work you are doing, and your targeted market.

I been through the stage of brainstorming for a suitable logo. Is a never easy process and not to be take lightly as well. Allow me to take a quick step-back. Two years ago i drafted up a new business plan for my photography business, focusing on B2B (business to business) what is the marketing direction, who am i targeting in the market, a good name company name that is easy to remember and a reflection of my style of work. I was studying a book title Transforming Your Business Into a Brand: The 10 rules of branding by a local Author Jacky Tai. This book shared with me a depth insight of how to transform my business branding, aiming to achieve a better result than previous. Once the name Capture Asia was decided. The next essential step is to design a logo.

Am targeting to shoot and travel around Asia, been an Asian and pack with a love of Asia countries. I decided to have a map of Asia as my logo. I created the logo with a subtle color, threw it in as the background. pasted the name on top of it, added a tag line (with some really dumb understand at that point of time) and it was launch. The surprise part was when i gave out my business card during networking event, they actually complimented it. For sure i did not receive any nice feedback on my last card. All the first impression was pretty down washed the drain.

Having a nice logo is one thing, but getting people to lock it in their brain is a huge task. First of all the logo is a form of communication, bridging between myself and the client. The most important factor must be able to bring a message across. Using tag line, Courage, Determination, Dream. I realize is more of a self-character portray than the understanding from a client’s perspective of what am capable of. Only the creator himself knows what it means! Who doesn’t have dream, but what kind of dream? Get what i mean? Putting myself in their shoes. Pretty sure people got no idea know what the heck it is. Total failure, fully messed up. Check out Pic 1.

Pic 1

Like a piece of photo, every element within a logo contributes to its mood and feel. Each element says something. Logo also have to be make sensible for people to understand what am i projecting. For my case, being a commercial, documentary and travel photographer. I wanted to communicate this message across immediately and effectively (hopefully :p). There is no changing of font, the words Capture Asia is cap to contribute a stronger presence. The tag line i replace it with what am capable of doing in my photography work. A major overhaul is no needed, this is to reduce a less needed confusion.

Client is exposed to plenty of logos each day, one look will determine whether is a tick or cross. Is not hard to create but the depth is sophisticated. For photographer who aren’t able to design a logo, or simply clueless. Suggest you sit down with the designer to talk about it.

Simply put it, the most distinct the logo, it is easily recognizable. The more complex the logo is, chances are people will not remember it. Do a very good job of it rather than doing for the sake of doing.


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