Composition tip #1

Robert Capa once said, “If your pictures aren’t good enough, you’re not close enough.” This statement to me weighs a lot of importance, a good picture, or a poor picture does depend how close one can get close.

In event such as seminar, conference, sport photography, Photographer is require to get a close up image of the person expression or the athletics in action. It create an visual impact for the viewer, understanding and feeling the person emotion or the dedication and explosiveness of their body of the athletics.

For street photography, beginners and some most amateurs i observe would deploy a telephoto lenses. Secretly, sneakily to snap the moment without disturbing the subject. Hoping for the best result. A wide angle lenses would capture the entire scene, usually a landscape and cityscape.

For me, i choose the specific tool that is needed for the shoot. Even if my lenses doesn’t zoom in enough, or not wide to an extend. Usually it will not pose any problem for the professional, depending on the location and situation.

I was in Dalat, Vietam for a short holiday few weeks back. I only brought a 24mm and 50mm prime lenses. As i wanted my visit to keep it as light as possible, so it will not cause me much fatigue for my leisure trip. Yet as an Asia travel photographer, visiting a new place is always exciting. No matter what must shoot, talk about occupation hazard.

I was wandering around the Dalat Cathedral church, i spotted this scene where people making their prayer inside. I was captivated by the beautiful warm light falling through the window inside the church, the lady closest to me was wearing a green jacket. Giving it some contrast in the scene. Immediately i frame it nicely and took a shot.

Picture #1

However 1 picture is not enough, i quickly look through my review panel, instantly knew it was not a great image. I quickly move close to get a better image that already form a visualization in mind.

Picture #2

See the different? Am not really a big fan of cropping in photoshop. As much as possible everything is frame nicely through my viewfinder. I choose to move in closer to get the final picture i want. I hope the quote and my illustration help.

Hope you like what i wrote. If you have question do drop me a message. Cheers!


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