Capture Asia on international internet radio

Last weekend, i was invited by my friend Mr Roy to attend an international internet radio talk show hosted by him every Saturday from 4pm – 6pm. internet radio program can be listen world-wide. It was officially launch in various countries such as Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia and all the way to Canada. Usually when you listen on radio, the person hosting the show is call a DJ. In this case, is VJ, Video Jockey. It is a broad designation for realtime visual performance.

The internet radio station at Textile Centre

The purposes is to share some of my photography experience with the listeners. As it was my first time going on air, lacks of experience was kinda of uneasy initially, especially there is a camera pointing at me that stream live on air. Slowly the adaption mode starts to kick in and i became calm and chatty.

What’s in front of me are the the various desktop, a camera, some of my taken travel images on the screen, walkie talkie, 3 inch marker etc.

A blue color air-con!!

Left to right: Mr Roy, the offical VJ, myself from Capture Asia, Philips from Philippines, an IT Engineer based in Singapore that have strong passion for music.

Hope the listeners that day can learn some of the tips i shared with everyone. The next one would be much better with more pictures, experience sharing of generic photography, and some of my personal work. If you have any question about how i capture pictures from some of my galleries, or other photography question. Do drop me an email, i would try my best to answer all your questions on air. Stay put in front of your computer and relax. On 25 Feb 2012, timing from 4pm – 6pm.

Thank you July for supporting & helping me to snap some pictures despite her sickness. MUACKS!


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