Sunset in Vietnam and Singapore

The last time i capture pictures of sunset in Singapore was 8 years ago. Such a prolong period i nearly couldn’t recall. We see sunrise and sunset each day by judging at the weather changes. But not everyday we get the luxury to witness the sunset/sunrise at the horizon.

Watching it gives me a sense of hope, a magical feeling that arouse from my inner self. I guess most people might feel the same way.

The last sunset i actually capture was in a 3 storey high of a ravishing bungalow when i was working in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam in 2010. I just finished shooting interior pictures accompany by the client. After the shoot ended, we went out to the balcony to have a breather, yet embracing the charming sight of the sunset. Time sure passed quickly during work, the sunset at that time was a huge reward after a fatigue hot day.

Beautiful sunset in Ho Chi Minh City,Vietnam.

A close up of the sun using long lens to capture the moment.

Recently i went back to Labrador Nature Reserve in Singapore, it used to name Labrador Park. I was taken aback by the new change. But is not surprise our city is changing rapidly, so is the name signification. The particular scene i once appreciate where the sunset disappear into the horizon plane is replaced by tons of sand, a process of land reclamation for the past many years.

The event was disappointing as the clouds covered the ball of fury partially. Most of the photographers with tripod packed up with disappointment. I decided to stay put to shoot other subjects i wanted in mind.

I was gratefully rewarded for my extensions of stay. 15 mins after the sun disappeared recede from view. A beautiful orange ray embarked into sight on the sky.

One word i can describe it, breathtaking. Hope the above pictures will be able to inspire your next shoot. The key is to be patient, if is not good go back another day. Keep trying till you get it.


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