How to photograph a jumping cat

I always try to capture image of cat jumping off from a high ground where it rest. Usually is either the cat jumped off quickly, did not anticipate it happen, or the camera setting was wrong. I have managed to capture this 2 pictures at the back-lane of Geylang in Singapore.

How to shoot a jumping cat? If you intend to capture the cat without any blur motion. The camera shutter speed should be pre-set at least 1/250 seconds and faster. Depending on the lighting condition and the type of lense you are using.

After spotting a cat resting on the high ground. Learn to see whether the cat is afraid of your presence, slowly move in to minimize yourself from scaring the wit out of the kitty, if the cat react by standing up getting ready to jump off. This is the time to get focus sharp, get ready to hit the shutter button if the cat decide to jump off.

Hope the tips help. If you never get your shot, don’t give up. Practice makes perfect. Remember, do not hurt the animal.


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