Annual Report photography introduction

This is the first time am going to share my experience shooting annual reports photography through a blog. It will be divided into a few blogs to share my thoughts and details regarding annual report photography.

What is an annual report? Annual report is a detail report of a company’s activities throughout the preceding year. Annual report information are compiled in a thin magazine size book, giving it to the share holders and people who are interested in the company’s activities and financial performance. Most jurisdictions require companies to prepare and disclose annual reports, and many require the annual report to be filed at the company’s registry.

It was a pleasure working with the art director during my overseas stint. Probably the best man for the job when dealing with clients, understanding local languages, and type of annual report images envision in his mind. Starting from marketing, receiving enquiring interest from clients, concept planning of the book, photo execution that can take days to complete. All these are done on the ground, later stage would be the choosing suitable images for the design, how the layout is be in view, chunking in all the financial statements, final approval by the client, and lastly print in mass. All this takes about few weeks or longer to complete depending the time allocated.

This is not any typical daily photography shoot for beginner and amateur photographers to be call easily and later call it off a day. A proper professional photographer requires good dedication, focus, technical skill and experience to achieve the objective wanted by the client. There are always many different situations popping out, such as bad location, time limitation, dealing with different characters, bad light, poor stylist and make-up, over crowded situation etc, those are some of the examples that will ruin the photo shoot. I will touch on these in my next blog why i enjoy shooting annual report and overcome each challenges.

Whether the company excel for the financial year, or not projecting well as expected, maybe due to economic depression. A good annual report book should not do it for the sake of doing due to strict regulatory. By looking at the book, people will understand how much effort the company put into this project, how serious the company is projecting their image to the public. Is either a make it or just do for the sake of doing it. Depending on individual company.

Capture Asia specialize in corporate and annual report photography. Capture Asia is working together with Imp Studio. Staging from planning to final print of company annual report book, all under one house. For Singapore and Asia companies that requires our services or requires further enquires do drop us an email.


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