Singapore famous temple in Bugis

Singapore famous Guangyin temple locates at Waterloo street. 观音堂佛祖庙 (Kwan Im Tong Hood Cho Temple) is the most visited temple by fellow devotees locally. Also, many devotees would travel from Southeast Asia to visit this temple. Most people praying for good health, prosperity, blessing and good luck after praying to Kuang Yin Bodhisattva, the Goddess of Mercy.

Located in the heart of Bugis and downtown, the temple is surrounded by major shopping malls, hawker centre & coffee shops. Bugis is a place must visit for visitors.

Captured this shot 2 years ago, it was the birthday of Guang Yin. Attracting thousands of devotees attending the event. No later after i set my tripod it starts to drizzle. Crowds come and go quickly after prayer. My ideal was to achieve a blurry effect of the people moving in and out of the temple doors and entrance. The numbers of images capture was not satisfactory, persisting continuation for about an hour. The push cart stalls at the foreground slowly starts to clear up. Went back to choose the images for the final result as seen above.


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