Portraits of motorbike taxi driver in Saigon, Vietnam

Browsing through my hard disk, found some pictures of motorbike taxi driver’s portrait i capture during my walk in District 1 of Ho Chi Minh City. Motorbike taxi driver known as xe om, are prevalent everywhere in Vietnam. Everywhere i visited or bypassed, it was a fascinating sight to see motorbike taxi driver sitting on their motorcycle practically for an extensive period. Eating, resting or even sleeping while awaiting for customer for their service, especially targeting the vacationers.

Discovering such interesting sights. I need to capture the portraits of these drivers on the street. With no idea of basic vietnamese language, no fixer with me. I boldly approached the more friendly looking motorcycle driver to ask for a picture. Luckily, they were pretty receptive of my presence. My approach in photography style remains the same, ask for permission than sneaking around with a long lens to capture the unsighted moment.

Armed with a 24mm prime lens to walk about, is kinda of difficult to shoot portrait with such wide angle lens. No matter what i got to make something out of it. During the process i realized most of them are sitting in different positions to make themselves comfortable. Check it out.

A smiling motorbike taxi driver sitting down at the side of his motorcycle.

This man can actually rest his entire body on the motorcycle to stretch one leg to relax.

The champion pose, i call it. He can turn side way to rest on his motorbike. Carry an air of proudness when i capture him.

This motorbike driver was more busy with his cigarette than looking into my camera, he allows me to shoot but not in the nicest way of presentation. :p

I guess when these drivers encounter terrible weather. They won’t have a single fare for the day. Waiting and watching to do ride their business in the competitive arena.

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