SingaporeScape – Suntec City and Bukit Batok Nature Park

Documenting with much pleasure of SingaporeScape, past ideas that lingered in my mind were executed, finally! As i mentioned in my last blog, is all for hobby, at the same time polishing my cityscape technical skill real shiny and smooth.

Let’s head to Suntec city first.

Sunctec City comprise of offices, shopping mall, convention & exhibition hall & fountain of wealth.Suntec City is a major multi-use development located in Marina Centre, a subzone of the Downtown Core Planning Area in Singapore.

Most decent architecture photos would have a clear blue sky capture up by professional photographer. I choose to have the cloud in the picture, creating a bit of dynamic influence surrounding the area. The light and shadow embark on each side of building bring in a different aspects of the depth, also in contrast compose it in a symmetrical order to bring out the shape of structure. Opting to do a clean shot, using ND filter to achieve the final result.

As there is an air-condition underground link from City Hall MRT station to Suntec City, most visitors might missed out the wonderful structure from the front. That is one of the consideration this shot is captured.

Next off to Bukit Batok Nature Park.

Bukit Batok Nature Park. I would consider this is one hidden treasure in Singapore, even though it is open to public. The serene ambience of the park provides an ideal ambience for a peaceful nature walk. The terrain is undulating and footpaths meander through the lush secondary forest leading to look-out points reaching more than 10 storeys high to provide breathtaking views.

Running in this park for more than 15 years. The place is not an unfamiliar sight to me. It hadn’t changed much as the authority maintain it the natural way possible. This particular scene caught up with me when i was photographing a lone tree on one of the viewing point. Assuming that there is no true landscape in Singapore. This was the closest i can encounter. Stepping back to observe this quiet scenic. The theatric cloud hovering on the atmosphere, the trees thin branches were disturbed by the breeze. Creating a slight movement during the capture process. How i wish everyone can view the blown up details, clearly seeing the dance movement, is like a happiness of dance incur for that few seconds. Later realized i have capture a repetitive gesture of the dancing trees.

Till next time!


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