New hobby other than photography, still photography?

Photography is one of those many passions or hobbies that are able to turn it into a money generator. In another word creating a business. Setting up a business to do what you love. One must be highly self-motivated, massive drive and passion in this industry, to stay competitive at least. Welcome to the real world peers, perhaps no different from other jobs. Is like a stock market graphs, the lines went up, went flat, or during unpredictable times. It starts to get a little bit crumble. Is all parts and parcels of the business.

So after turning your PASSION into a career, what’s next? I mean what is your next hobby. There must be something new in your interest after shooting for such a long time. I know photographer who is interested in airplane models. So during free time he would be flying his proudly assembled plane around the open field. Another one was into fish, get a huge fish tank, throw in some fishes, deco it up nicely. That’s hobby am talking about.

For me i enjoy cooking, for sure am NOT a fantastic cooker, i know nuts about it. Cooking helps me to distress. It gives me a form of peacefulness in my mind. Handling a knife with respect is a must, i wouldn’t want to cut my own finger while chopping carrots into thin slices. I love to make my own korean soup. Popped into Japan and Korea supermarket to purchase the necessary items to dish up a decent meal, after some trials and errors of course. Luckily i got a very strong stomach.

Until recently, i purchased 2 filters that cost me more than a S$100. Is freaking crazy i know, photography is never a cheap hobby, remember that! Screwed it up to my lens, carry my tripod and started walking around to shoot some pictures. Surprisedly i like the result. Am not exactly a great fan of landscape images. I flip pages of all time landscape master, father of landscape, Ansel Adam’s work, i never closely study it. Look at Singapore, the island doesn’t have any mountain, only got Bukit Timah Hill! For goodness sake, i can only call it a knoll. Basically is a concrete jungle. There’s no classical landscape to shoot.

Eventually shooters use words such as Cityscape or Seascape. Anyway i come up with my own name call SingaporeScape, if anyone is using such name. Is all by coincident! Don’t start sending me hate or copycat email! SingaporeScape is one of the hobby that isolate away from the commercial photography work i usually do. I find solitary and peace being alone. Capturing what is pertaining to my interest, and what i always wanted visually. Am a massive fan of Michael Kenna photography work. Is simply breathtaking, simplicity and ambience.

Anyway here is one of the shot i created near Clark Quay. One of Singapore night life spot for tourists and locals.

I nearly gave up after walking for so many kilometers to search for interesting composition. The weather does play a part if is weak. Gloomy and shady, the funny feeling of pouring soon but kept holding back. It makes me thing twice should i release my tripod stands. I wanted to catch my ride home as i was tired. Looking at my watch is nearly towards magic hour timing. The weather was really not in my favor. I decided to persist a bit longer, started studying a potential composition then decide on a decent spot to release the three-legs. I choose to have a background, middle ground and foreground for the final composition. I exposed this shot for more than 2 mins. Very minimum adjustment in Photoshop.

I got hooked by what i have capture on my camera. I guess another new hobby for me to chase during my free time, however it is still photography. Something which i passionate about in life.


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