Houses in Saigon, Vietnam.

General population lived in the hems. Am amazed by the narrow backstreets that are full of alleyways. Following logically might results in ultimate confusion. Getting stuck nowhere with motor scooter horning my back. An aerial photo from the top will prove valuable of the disorientated maze.

A vietnamese old lady taking a walk in the alleyways. Wondering why so many telephone numbers on the wall.

As the houses are too cramped for large families, children are forced to play outdoors. Especially the evening when the streets came alive with children screaming and shouting while playing joyfully. Sights of boys chasing balls and girls jumping over the elastic skipping ropes. Somehow I felt am back to my childhood. In today Singapore society, kids are living in their youth of card games, expensive toys, PSP and computer game.

Houses are cramped in the cities, every available spaces is in use. People live on top of each other; there is no such thing as privacy living indoors. Space inevitably encroaches on that of others. Yet my Vietnamese friend never seems to complain about the hugging condition. She rented a space that is decent enough for her own living. Upon going through the main door with sturdy gate, what welcomes me was the kitchen. A fridge, washing machine, cooking area and bathroom. There is a fixed ramp at the door front. The purpose is to push the scooter into the kitchen domain in the night to prevent theft.

Next, climbing up an awful steep metal steps to access her room, is like worming through a tunnel to explore a strange contemporary world, desperately to feast my curious visual greed. I was taken aback by the condition. It like living in a concrete box, window covered up, the only door upstairs is inaccessible. The interior was very simple and non fanciful, all the basic requirement were there.

Here a picture around the room. Pardon the mess. :p



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