My first impression of Ho Chin Minh City

An interesting flight to other part of Southeast Asia few months back. First trip in Ho Chin Minh City (HCMC) was greeted by the sight and vibrant sound of motorists riding on the road, too many of it. I thought to myself, welcome to Vietnam. Looking the way how the country develop. Probably Vietnam shouldn’t be consider a 3rd world country anymore.

HCMC is a cosmopolitan, dynamic and younger than traditional capital, Hanoi. HCMC is formerly known as Saigon. After the fall of Saigon in 1975. Honoring Vietnam’s President Hồ Chí Minh, hence the city was name after him. Today HCMC is Vietnam’s main commercial and economic hub. The city’s have these frenetic raw energy and unique charm. Think of it as a giant magnet that attracts so many young people all over the country, seeking a better life.

Propangada of Uncle Ho’s poster

HCMC is Vietnam’s largest city and one of the densest urban areas on earth. The city is divided into 19 urban districts plus five other outer districts. District 1 is the city centre, where most of the hotels, restaurants, bars and tourist attraction are located. It contains the original French Quarter. Not forgetting the modern skyscrapers in the district.

Shot from the bottom of Bitexco Financial Tower in District 1

On the left – Saigon Centre is owned by Keppel Land Watco I Co. Ltd, a joint venture between Keppel Land International from Singapore and Southern Waterborne Transport Corporation (Sowatco) and Real Estate Saigon Corporation (Resco) from Vietnam. On the right – Bitexco Financial Tower, there’s a helicopter pad poking out of the building.

Plenty of property is sprouting out of the undeveloped lands. I was lucky to stay in my friend’s apartment, Saigon Pearl is one of the luxury apartment built, managed by Savills. Savills is a leading global estate provider, the company have 200 over estates and offices around the world.

Saigon Pearl

Readers might be wondering why am i talking about property and economic. This trip was a business trip, to understand the market with the company i might working with in future.

Next topic is transportation in Vietnam. Stay around for more.


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