Portraits of Kiters

NTUC Income Singapore Kite Festival 2011.

I decide to document a series of portraitures of kite lovers that attended the kite festival at The Promontory. Organized by Act3 once again, i think they have pull off a pretty good job this year.

Kite have this magical act that brings an adult back to a child. It makes a person happy and calm. Everyone is happy, as problem and trouble are dump behind their mind. There are so many different type of kites on the field. Probably the IN-kite this year goes to Angry Bird, spiderman swings out this round.

Some interesting portraits + kites to share.

The monkey kite was really cute, that’s the only one i saw.

Yellow Angry Bird

Blue Angry Bird

This man was enjoying himself with his moo moo kite.

Kite Master Tony Rice return this year. He told me the kite flying makes him been childish again. Gosh he was very frank with me. Sadly i never saw the Japan and USA kite mater that attended last year. It was merrier with them group together, especially flying their beautiful kite on Singapore skyline.

Tony Rice

My inspiration goal was to document 100 kite lovers on the 2 days event. I will carry on next year to continue the portraiture project. Hope more people will agree to share their joy through my lens.

Fly on kiter~~~


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