Photos shared on other website.

Is fun to have some of my picture selected to use in some website. Of course the hosts did dropped me an email to ask for permission. Am more than happy to share it with the rest, that’s whoever reading it.

First picture is the oil spill in Singapore back in recent 2010. I took an aerial shot of the worker cleaning up the canal in East Coast Park. Recently someone found the picture in my Flickr account and requested to use it in their university website, regarding environment protection clean up method. You can read more of it if you want.

Here’s the picture used.

Second picture was also found through Flickr, yes i know is Flickr, again. Another aerial shot i captured in Beijing, China. Near the CCTV tower where there is a bed of river flowing.

This website name is photo.tutplus. They writing an article about 100 awesome aerial photographs on their site. The image was selected and asked with permission for usage. And later compile with the rest. How could i reject it, as long there is no bad infringement.

Till today am so glad non of my images land in any bad hands, meaning no permission was asked and just “tear” your hard work off the net, some even proudly saying is their picture. Don’t disgust me with your pitiful action. Photographers spent a lot of time waiting to capture the right picture, is not just go to the location and snap it. Sometimes is an empty trip in return, but perseverance push us on to get a good image to share with everyone.


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