NTUC Income Kite Festival 2011

Time flies as fast and high as a kite. The NTUC Income kite festival is back in Singapore once again. We are going to have a beautiful view of happy kites soaring on Singapore skyline very soon.

Kites flying against the background of Marina Bay Sands

Let me share some highlights of 2010 kite festival images i have captured.

Probably due to the wind, only 1 kite was flying

Check out the crowd and shutterbugs

A lady trying to release the sunny looking kite

Some of the kite masters from all over the world

The event also have this giant orange color kite with NTUC logo on it, requires a number of experience kite flyers to bring it up to the sky.

Preparation of the giant kite

Launching this giant kite requires a huge clearance of space

One of the kite master using his body weight to pull the rope

The giant kite flying high up for a while

Trying again later in the evening

Finally the giant kite flew up beautifully

Something new to share. For the first time in Southeast Asia, there will be an indoor kite flying fiesta, first time in Southeast Asia. I wonder what kind of excitement contain for us. Can’t wait to witness it.

During the kite flying days, the world’s best kiters displaying their unique kites. In addition, there will be artistic performances, kite workshops, free kites and goodie bags (while stocks last).

An opera singer memorizing us with her stunning voice

An over size looking clown entertaining the children


My personal favorite picture during the kite festival

For more pictures viewing feel free to visit Capture Asia gallery 1 and 2

29 July – 7 Aug, ION Orchard

03 & 04 September, 4pm – 8pm.
The Promontory @ Marina Bay

For more information visit www.act3international.com.sg


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