Ring light vs Flash light

People have been asking me whether should they purchase a ring flash. The 1st question i always asked, why do you need it? Probably it stumble some people’s mind of why need it in the first place? So i thought why not write something really sample thought about it.

Ring flash basically diffuses the light to illuminate the subject evenly and naturally. Having said that the result usually show flat light and shadowless effect. If that is the kind of effect you often seeking. Ring flash is light weight, so bringing it everywhere is possible. However ring flash does not work well with long lens.

The most prominent feature of the ring flash of course is the white round flashy ring (slightly fat looking) attach on the front of the lens. During portraiture shoot the ring flash creates a “halo” effect in the eye. That makes everyone looks crazily hot!

Flash light is most photographers pack equipment. A typical flash light is small and handy. The flash head can easily adjust and tilt to bounce off the ceiling or wall to achieve various lighting effect. 95% Photojournalist would use direct flash most of the time to capture quick moments, hence the recycling time is much faster.

The explanation for the above is simple and straight forward. Personal preference i would suggest friends to buy a decent flash light. Unless you got additional cash to offload, ring flash is not a bad choice if you are using it very often. Have ample fun with whatever flash you have and use your creative mind to make the best out of it.


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