Behind-the-scene Annual Report photo shoot in Vietnam.

Back in April i travelled to Saigon and Hanoi in Vietnam, working with the local agency. Focusing on Annual Reports photography for some of the top 15% local companies.

Logistics was a challenged; I guess that applied for most commercial photographers when traveling out of their own country to shoot. Transporting the necessary equipment such as cameras, lenses and lightings in the lightest possible mean. This is to reduce the excess weight incur during check in, remember, every cent and dollar counts.

Managed to get some images of behind-the-scene images to share with everyone. Thanks to the local assistant Nhut who assisted me during the hectic yet fulfilling schedule.

I have uploaded the Behind-the-scene in PDF format. Click on Capture Asia website, it has a security feature that can our potential client special access to download images without intruding any privacy.

Password: 4yn562ca

We will continue to further improve and update in the near future.


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