Sentosa Flowers – Spring Wonderland

First of all would like to wish my readers (if there’s any) a Happy Prosperous Chinese New Year. May your business have a big jump up in the year of the rabbit.

I went to Sentosa early this morning to document the Sentosa Flowers 2011 – Spring Wonderland. This year theme is Spring Wonderland, also known as “Life flourishes in Spring” in Mandarin. Now am going to share some of my experience during today visit.

Tips for visitors
1) Visitors who wish to visit this event on the coming weekend. The monorail will be extremely packed, don’t bother queueing unless there’s a need. You can use the new Sentosa Boardwalk, is a 700m walk from Vivo City to the entry of Sentosa. 700m sounds far? Don’t worry, there will be shelter and a moving walkway. Oh, i notice there’s an ice-cream outlet along the way, if you are tired, pop in to grab something cooling.

2) The entry fee for the Sentosa Boardwalk is only a dollar, if you take the monorail will be $3, and cable car otherwise.

3) The Sentosa Flowers 2011 will start at 10am to 10pm. It would be good if you can start early before the crowd starts to get really congested as time ticks.

4) Bring an umbrella, the weather is really unpredictable, one moment can be extremely hot, the next seconds it starts to drizzle.

5) If possible bring your own food in, or have a good meal at Vivo City before going in. Lunching or dining at Resort World Sentosa is one alternative, but is not cheap. The only fast food restaurant i saw is KFC. the line is something i have never witness, i would not join in either even i were cravvvvving for fried chicken.

Tips for photographer
1) Be ready for a huge crowd, if you going to stay stationary at a hot spot taking beautiful florals, chances are you are blocking other people or you receive a light knock. Just be aware of your surrounding.

2) For beginners, i suggest you bring a wide angle and a macro lens (if not macro lens bring a telephoto lens). These two lenses would work perfectly fine throughout your visit. If you want to lug more, go ahead.

3) No need to get restless over the huge crowd. There is always picture opportunity. Patience is a virtue.

Throughout the walk, there are some interesting flower i have never shoot before, such as

The rest are pretty general, i can easily spot it in our Botanical Garden or Hort Park.

The general impression of the show i leave it for your to decide. Let me know what you think of the Flower show, we can discuss more here.

One last shot before i sign out.

Do share your pictures with me too. I will be more than happy to learn from your point of view.


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