Thaipusam Festival 2011, Singapore

Oh yeahhhh is Thaipusam Festival 2011. Finally i can got the time to document this Hindu Festival celebrated by the Tamil community. For people who doesn’t know what is this about. You can read more of about information of Thaipusam from Wikipedia, am sure it will explain better than what i write. I only relating my experience.

I proceed to Sri Srinivasa Perumal Temple along Serangoon road where it all begin, the ritual and inserting of spikes and hooks, Awww!! Anyway it was a wise choice to go early in the morning at 6am as the temple is less congested and is happening on a weekday.

This is the first time i enter into this temple, one rule for visitors to observe is to remove footwear before entering the temple, is a holy shrine to the Hindu, so be very respectful of it. Is good to get myself quickly oriented in the premises so i know how the event is organized, most importantly where is the potential location to capture a good picture.

Let me bring you into the highlight of the event. The piercing of the spikes and hooks onto the skin. Ever try taking a needle and poke yourself? Your reaction would be naturally a big OUCH! hahaha… nasty nasty. The devotees were very strong in their belief and faith with their god. The greater the pain the more merit deserve from god. The most common one we see is the Spike Kavadi where at least 20 spikes (i never count) are insert into the back torso. Next is the hook, it would hook either the front or back of the body. The hook would be attached with small lemon or goat milk in a small urn.

The more awesome part for me was the pulling of Chariot, as this is the first time i witness it. The hooks are hooked onto the devotee’s back. Once done the helper would attached the Chariot line on the hooks to complete the process.

In order not to spoil your meal’s appetite, i shall not elaborate even further in case you ban yourself from reading my blog again. Once everything is done up, the devotees would walk to Sri Thendayuthapani Temple to dance infront of the god before removing whatever sharp objects on the battled body.

You can view it in slideshow or browse the images on Capture Asia gallery.

Images are purchasable for personal use.


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