My first official blog for Capture Asia blog.

Welcome to my first post in Capture Asia Blog. Allow me to give you a short introduction. My name is Ricky Gui, am the chief photographer of commercial and documentary photographer in Capture Asia, Singapore. We are a photographic company that provide professional photography services to our value clients. We shoot anywhere, anytime and dates required by clients around Asia and the world. You can read more of our statement here. Naming a few photography services we provide, such as Corporate, Events, Editorial, Interior & Architecture, Travel Stock Images etc.

Please pardon me as am not a very good writer, However i would be more than happy to share photography content as much as possible. I believe sharing adds value to other’s people life. That’s what am going to do on this blog. SHARE!

I am in the photography business for 3 years. Before i was a photographer, i was working in a company that receive handsome amount of pay each month. One day i woke up (for real) realize that this is not the kind of life i desire. I actually quit my job, jump straight into the world of photography business without knowing anything at all! I know this sounds crazy, sometimes human being default the norm. The best part is without knowing anything about the market, i was extremely lucky to be able to earn some decent living, thank god! Passion drives over logical thinking, sometimes is not good at all. Am going to elaborate further if you are keen to read.

Being a photographer is not only about taking stunning landscapes images, beautiful portraits or commercial products that client’s need. As these are the basic skill that a professional photographer got what it takes in his forte of work. I came really late to realize that it is about marketing, reaching out to the mass clients out in the urban jungle. Sounds creepy for new photographers, but that the hard fact we are facing, in fact any business requires to do marketing, is all the same, MARKETING MARKETING MARKETING.

Some of the new photographers might wonder, how do i go about it? If you are really new and wish to venture into our creative industry. I would recommend you start to assist a professional photographer. Assist as many as you possibly get, commercial, industrial, fashion, corporate photography etc. Learn from what they do in their shoot, the lighting positioning, composition, interaction etc (is much better than attending a local institution in my personal opinion). In fact assisting is what i did when i first started, except that i took a wrong move in the 1st year assisting a wrong one, so don’t fill up my dirty shoes.

Now am not going too long on my first blog, i will segment my experience and content sharing on the next one. In the meantime i will be figuring how to improve the view of this blog. Any advice would be much appreciated.

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