NTU Learning Hub

March 13, 2015 Leave a comment

I was in NTU last week to do a bit of photo exploration and it happen to be the university open house. I came to NTU Learning Hub near Nanyang Business School who i had client working with in the university. Back in 2013 i saw the construction of this very unique architecture in progress. I thought it would be interesting to see the final work when it is completed. Now, the structure stood before my eyes.

I spoke to the worker who is working on the final touch up. i was thrilled to hear the building going to be officially open soon. I think the students would be very excited to make full use of this facility.

Interesting name i heard from the students was that they call it the “dim sum building”. It reminds them of stacked dim sum steamers. A cute nickname i would say, for sure there will be no steaming bao (bun) inside to fill your empty stomach.

The architects who design this is by the name of Thomas Heatherwick. One of the feature of the building is the 3D drawings on the walls, working with an Italian illustrator Sara Fanelli who did 700 drawings, the amount of time spent is really tremendous.

There are 12 different entrances to access the building rather than the conventional single entry, this let the air to flows freely throughout. Is a fantastic idea for environmental sustainability.

Do head down to NTU to check it out!

Interior photography for YSTCM

March 9, 2015 Leave a comment

Captured some interior photography pictures of Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music (YSTCM) at National University of Singapore few weeks back. The staff were very kind enough to allow me to “work” there, as i did a night shoot of their architecture previously. The building is design by architect Mr Liu Thai Ker from RSP.

Concert Hall

Love this design


Click on the link to check out the rest of my interior photography of YSTCM.

Switch off the ambient light

March 2, 2015 Leave a comment

A wrong exposure leads to ‘switching’ off the surrounding ambient light.

At least it turns out to be a little humour for me, and maybe a new creative project is on the way.

Michael Kenna is coming to Singapore!

February 11, 2015 Leave a comment

I was escalated to learn from Ricebowl Photography Bookstore that Michael Kenna will be in Singapore for a Lecture, Q&A and book signing on 16th May 2015. In case you guys got no idea who is this man. He is a photographer who is well-known for his intense black and white landscape photography. He had held many exhibitions in many countries and constantly update on his Facebook page

I was talking to the staff in the book shop to find out more. I heard it was MK first trip to Southeast Asia and i was surprised to hear that, i mean he is such a well travelled person and he has yet been to this region. He must have dedicated much of his time in many other places he wish to focus on, because landscape photography is a very long period commitment to get the best picture.

Poster shot using my Sony Z3

A banner was put up outside Ricebowl bookstore at Funan Centre.

Early Bird: $250
Usual: $280

Initially i thought the price was a little bit steep. Thoughts of meeting the person in real life, flipping pages after pages of his photo books for many years. I think is worth the “investment” to meet the man and hope to learn some insights about his photography’s journey.

What i like about Michael Kenna images is it brings me the feeling of peace and surreality due to his long exposure techniques. He is shooting in film on a hasselblad camera, nowadays high and low end digital cameras is flooding the market each year. He truly appreciate the value of photography by sticking to his belief and creation.

Architecture of hospital in Singapore

February 9, 2015 Leave a comment

Wanted to have a broader range of portfolio and keep improving. I have been seeking various interesting architecture to capture, such as commercial building, institutional, hotel and residential. 2 weekends ago i came across National Heart Centre Singapore at Outram park area. I was immediately drawn by the design of the facade, especially of the various facades presented from different sides. The admiration spurs me to document the architecture structure. I did some research and found out it was build by ONG&ONG which has a wealth of 40 over years of experience in the industry.

A day shot of the entire structure where the sun is raising from the east.

“The design concept was inspired by the medicinal courtyard gardens of the Middle Ages and revolved around the philosophy of “placing people first”. A network of open spaces forms the heart of the design and promotes social interaction, retail opportunities, and healing. Natural light, ventilation and view aids the healing process while the planting – which acts as carbon sponge, noxious pollutant filter and heat island reducer – helps to mend the built environment.
In order to keep in pace with rapid medical advancements, modern modular building methods are employed to ensure the building structure remains flexible and adaptable, both internally and externally, to future growth.
Through a rigorous environmental, social and economic design, the National Heart Centre is successfully transformed into a world-class facility that sets a global precedent for sustainable heart-related healthcare development.”

Curtain walls

Currently is the Northeast Moonsoon season “dry phase”, the consistent blow of wind changed the lighting very often and it is not easy to get a clear blue sky. Sometimes huge patch of clouds move in for a while, chill and wait it out. If not move around the building to search for other possibility.

I was high up on a slope to capture this shot during the magic hour, just as i activated the exposure, a man out of nowhere suddenly appeared and nearly walked straight into my frame. I was surprised someone took this path as the grass patch did not have any foot trail.

Check out the full architecture series on my website.

Lines Discipline Series

January 23, 2015 Leave a comment

Inside the architecture itself is a series of lines discipline! My first architecture series in Twenty Fifteen. Am interested to challenge myself to photograph WCEGA Tower from a more artistic approach. I captured and edited in a way to let it be ‘quiet’, instead of creating a commercial selling point from a commercial building.

Rental block architecture in Singapore

January 7, 2015 Leave a comment

This is a architecture series of rental block images in Bukit Batok, Singapore. I was captivated by it design structure in a sharp U-shape when i first set sight on it. I decided to work on this series of images without a due date, the shoot took place for a few months before calling it a day by the end of 2014.

Before this rental block was build, it was only a plot of field where i used to play football back in the 90s. If not during the ghost festival, the field would transform into a getai event. Hence there was a lot of fond childhood memories there. When i saw it was transformed into a building, it sort of saddens me but i understand society must progress in order to move forward.

The process of making this series was never straightforward. I was demanding a lot on myself for this series, visited the block on several attempts to “catch” the best light. Most of the time the outcome was not fantastic. In the end i decided to execute the photo shoot during the magic hour. That’s when the sky is blue by nature and all the corridor lights are switched on. Still it was never smooth sailing, from my previous experience i knew it was never 100% to catch the blue sky during magic hour. Sometimes the shoot was dampen by dark cloud, or drizzle when i was about to press the shuttle button, talk about luck!

Each time when i uploaded the images into my iMac to check the result. I deleted 98% of the images because the building was slightly slanted, bad weather, and unforeseen circumstance. Although i can easily adjust the straightness in software. Am determined to get it right straight from the camera. Architecture photography is a very technically skill set, hence i feel it is important to hone this skill rather than doing the correction in photoshop.

Hope you like the series.

Thank you for viewing.


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