Top 10 Compact Cameras for Travelers

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Top 10 Compact Cameras for Travelers

A write up by National Geographic about the top 10 compact cameras. As everyone knows NG showcase the only best, and rawest images in the world. Am pretty sure these 10 cameras would selling off the shelves like a fresh cup of latte. Most importantly, these are fantastic cameras without crappy review for the sake of reviewing to boost sales.

Have fun reading this, while am back to work.

Singapore architecture update

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For the past few months i have been reading up plenty of books on architecture photography. Call it an obsession, but i love this passion! I always did my own little exploration in Singapore if weather is decently fine. Photographing and practice as much as i could to improve my skill set. I recalled shooting building blocks when i picked up my first digital camera. I guess this applies for many people too. And this went on for years till recently there is a changed. I prefer to have my building in a proper straight vertical line than been converge.

I was blown away by a particular photographer by the name of Tim Griffith. The way he frame an architecture is so commercially breathtaking. I look up to him as a “teacher” even though i never met him in person. I’ll started practicing but is not easy as i thought when i was on the ground. Basically it was a brand new learning curve for me, i was more than happy to go through the trial and error, i always remind myself it would be good if i can go home with just one good picture. But the fact is i pushed even harder to go back more than one. I find it extremely satisfy for each successful image.

I recently capture Toleram at International Business Park. I was particularly attracted by the protruding staircase from a business building. I walk around the place to have a better view of possible angles. And below are the best 3 shots i came up with.

Below shows how i carefully explored the side of Toleram to capture the optimum shot i wish to show.

If you have any question do let me know, cheers!

Abstract Architecture

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I’ll recently invested in a new lens product, the Canon 17mm TS lens. Constantly using this awesome lens for the past month, capture plenty of interior assignment and architecture exploration. Finally no more adjustment of curved lines or distortion from exterior and interior in photoshop. Simply love it to be in vertical straightness, from my camera.

Last weekend i went to National University School (NUS) for location scouting, possible future personal projects there in future. I was wandering around this prodigious campus, getting myself off track a bit hopefully to spot something interesting. Walking around the back of the blocks does have it very own surprise sometimes. I bump into this stairway in a curve shape, reminds me of a half moon during the dark night. It has this rectangular opening in-between the wall looking from the outside. I took a picture of it risking to get horned by passing vehicle, but the result was irrelevant as the weather was totally like a white piece of blank sheet stick on the sky.

Turned around to the stairs and was greeted by this an opening which reminds me of a Samsung curved UHD 3D smart led television. I would have placed a tall chair, sit right there to enjoy the panorama experience. It was uncomplicated yet alluring.

As i climbed further up around the circular staircase. I was greeted by the lines and gentle curve of it.

Overall is like exploring a piece of art in public. I took a few more photographs of the surrounding and posted it up in my architecture photography gallery. Feel free to check out the remaining series.

Documentation of sculpture in Singapore #2

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Artist: Jaume Plensa

Title: Singapore Soul

Words such as “unity”, “justice”, “happiness” and “prosperity” form the seated human figure made of painted stainless steel. The mix of letters and ideograms in Singapore’s national languages of Malay, Tamil, Chinese and English cast shadows in sunlight, and also when lit from inside the 5m-tall sculpture at night.

Commissioned by developer Keppel Land for its Ocean Financial Centre.

Documentation of sculpture in Singapore #1

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Artist: David Gerstein

Title: Momentum

The sculpture’s layers upon layers of figures in an upwards spiral motion represent the populations high energy and a continuous cycle of progress. This work pays tribute to Singapore’s present and past generations, for without their toil, strength and ingenuity, will not have become the dynamic metropolis it is today. The sculpture signals the vision, continual commitment by everyone to help steer Singapore into a vibrant global city.

Commissioned by One Raffles Quay Pte Ltd

New update on Architecture Photography

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Exploring biomedical and hotel architecture in Singapore to polish my skill.

Reader and client can click on my architecture gallery for more.

Stephen Wiltshire the Savant

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For the past few days i have been documenting Stephen Wiltshire drawing another of his amazing art work of Singapore cityscape in a panoramic format. Personally am an amateurish drawer. I hardly use pen and pencil unless i need to write. Drawing is a form of skill that not everyone can proficient. Everyone excel differently in their life. But i think one shouldn’t be compare with Stephen exceptional geniuses.

What is Savant? Savant syndrome is a condition in which a person with a mental disability, such as autism, demonstrates profound and prodigious capacities or abilities far in excess of what would a normal human being can perform. Many said god is fair, took away something, but return you something. Is an equilibrium.

Few things i learn from Stephen during my few days observation.

- He is an artist that is very passionate in his drawing. Passion is one of the key to success in life, in regardless what we are doing. Passion will drives one to keep moving on in life.

- He have great momentum and been focus of his task. Drawing a 4m X 1m is not a child’s play. He was in an upright sitting position drawing non stop to keep his momentum going, he is not distracted unless he must break for meal or a quick drink. Being totally focus is necessary to keep him moving towards completion.

Do check out the selected images i have posted on my personal Facebook page.

Lastly, portrait of Stephen Wiltshire.


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