Stephen Wiltshire the Savant

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For the past few days i have been documenting Stephen Wiltshire drawing another of his amazing art work of Singapore cityscape in a panoramic format. Personally am an amateurish drawer. I hardly use pen and pencil unless i need to write. Drawing is a form of skill that not everyone can proficient. Everyone excel differently in their life. But i think one shouldn’t be compare with Stephen exceptional geniuses.

What is Savant? Savant syndrome is a condition in which a person with a mental disability, such as autism, demonstrates profound and prodigious capacities or abilities far in excess of what would a normal human being can perform. Many said god is fair, took away something, but return you something. Is an equilibrium.

Few things i learn from Stephen during my few days observation.

- He is an artist that is very passionate in his drawing. Passion is one of the key to success in life, in regardless what we are doing. Passion will drives one to keep moving on in life.

- He have great momentum and been focus of his task. Drawing a 4m X 1m is not a child’s play. He was in an upright sitting position drawing non stop to keep his momentum going, he is not distracted unless he must break for meal or a quick drink. Being totally focus is necessary to keep him moving towards completion.

Do check out the selected images i have posted on my personal Facebook page.

Lastly, portrait of Stephen Wiltshire.

Stephen Wiltshire in Singapore

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Stephen Wiltshire was invited by Singapore Press Holdings to do a drawing of Singapore landscape. Stephen has this extraordinary skill of memory. First he took an hour long helicopter ride to have a view of Singapore skyline. He is able to record the scene details in his mind without using any recording device, and later translate his mind mapping skill by drawing onto a 4m by 1m canvas.

I thought this would be a once in a lifetime opportunity to witness this very talented man. It would be good to document his drawing journey in Singapore.

Getting into details.

One of Stephen way to hold his pencil.

Is not easy to maintain the similar sitting posture throughout.

A moment of holding 2 drawing material at the same time.

Focus and perseverance

Smiling, he is enjoying it every second.

I can’t help to wonder what music is he playing.

Panorama view, look forward to his completion.

The rest of the pictures can be seen on my Facebook.

Do drop down to Paragon over the weekend from 10am onward to witness his special talent.

Singapore Sports Hub

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Singapore Sports Hub is opening soon to public after 4 years of construction. It is design by Arup Group Limited, Dragages Singapore is constructing this awesome stadium. Judging from the walk about around the venue, i think less than 1 month would be fully ready to hand over. Businesses can start their operation in this amazing venue. I snapped some images around the vicinity.

Can’t wait to do a proper architecture shot of the entire area when is officially open.

The Ritz-Carlton Millenia Hotel

June 23, 2014 Leave a comment

Ritz-Carlton Millenia hotel i captured weeks back. Singapore weather is quite unpredictable. When the sky is blue, it is usually very hot. However most of the time is cloudy. If you don’t go out to explore, there is no reward at all. Hope i get a chance to stay in this luxury hotel one day, not because it is luxury, but the chance to view the beautiful Singapore cityscape.

Singapore Industrial Photographer’s assignment on site

June 19, 2014 Leave a comment

I was approached by Jason Marine Limited in Singapore to execute an on site industrial photo-shoot. My client’s idea is to show their engineer working on the field. The purpose is for the cover of Singapore Marine Offshore Oil & Gas Directory 2014. I even sit down with the chairman to discuss about it, as it is really important for the company, the pressure is on!

After listening and understanding the client’s requirement, with a few questions throw back. Next step is to quickly determine the date and location. Initially it was planned to do it overseas. But the timing of the execution and delivery of images was closed to due date of submission. Not forgetting the logistics and traveling time through and fro. In the end it was arranged locally.

The challenge is client’s wants me to execute the shoot on the pre-determined date. Hence, it gives me no time to scout the place for potential shooting sites. Secondly, there is no art director for input. I will be required to generate my own experience to do the art direction, follow by actual photography. Very busy man i was on that day!

You might be thinking, if there is no time to scout the place for potential photography sites (in this case is on a ship), how would i actually determine where to shoot? Is important to have a pre visualisation for potential background. It is the basic and most important factor to start. I start clicking my camera if i noticed a scene that is potential, rather than walking around the ship to pre-determine the various locations. For this assignment, i started to arrange the engineers when we stepped on board. Telling them clearly exactly what i wanted.

Playing with various angle and composition on deck for the first batch of images.

I always enter into the work site without any expectation. Not expecting the place to be spotless clean since is an industrial shoot. I don’t expect the weather to be friendly as weather here in Singapore is usually sunny, average temperature is 30°, my wear will be soaked if staying out for a prolong duration. Plus, industrial photographer must gear up in industrial clothing for safety purposes like many others working on board, everyone takes safety very seriously here in Singapore.

Inside the cockpit where the engineers check on their equipment.

Luckily the engineers were not stiff, i arrange them in a working manner so they are more comfortable, i don’t think is right to request them to pose like a model, since they are not, and it doesn’t work for what client had in mind. Anyway the two engineers were fantastic to work with! I have to emphasise again that is it important to work towards the client’s objective. It is a bonus sometimes to be more creative during the process. For this assignment i totally love it. Check out the various creative composition below.

At the bow for more pictures.

The client is not on site with me during the shoot, an experienced photographer normally have the initiative to capture more images. More images is better in this case for the client to choose. After the shoot is wrapped, client would love to see the initially batch of images soonest. I quickly uploaded more than 300 low res images onto my website for client download or viewing. Vetting is done by their management, follow up with the final edit of the selected image. Upload high res image onto my website for client to download again. This saves me productivity time to go to their office for discussion and back to editing table.

Final image

If you have notice a similarity in all my images, i focus on my client’s company logo. Hope readers who read this have a rough idea what life out there for an industrial photographer. If you have any question do drop me a message.

Architecture Photography personal thought

June 16, 2014 Leave a comment

Was spending my past weekends studying and shooting architecture photography in town of Singapore. As a very passionate photographer who is doing this for a living. There is a need to continuously seek improvement in term of knowledge and technical skill. I always intrigued by the architects who create building that it timeless and conceptual. A way to allow architect to express their creative idea. However at times, developers or client have it’s own idea and demand in what they wanted it to be.

In my many years of photography casually and professionally, i usually capture on subjects such as portraiture, street scene, serial photography, Asia travel photography. I thought architecture is one of the most challenging task to do. But a huge reward and achievement if succeed.

There are some important elements to get a really good technical shot of the facade. What i mean by good technical shot? First, It must have minimum distortion of the building, many architecture building we see nowadays is shot using a fish eye lenses to get the entire building within a frame. It can be captivating to give the “WOW” factor. Sometimes i even marvel at it’s effect. But that’s not the type of picture i wanted. If i were to speak from a client’s point of view, this type of overly distorted shots doesn’t justify the architect’s final output of his design. Hence professional photographer needs to come in to help achieve that kind of perspective correction picture. Below is an example of a hotel in a vertical manner.

Second, weather element plays a huge role in a good picture. Light is the basic element in photography. Without light there will be no pictures. No second way about it. I have studied work of Julius Shulman, an American architecture photographer. He was said to be the man who lay the basic foundation of architecture photography. Maybe i would like to call him ‘Father of Architecture Photography’. The best weather to have is a clear blue sky. It makes the facade looks more dimensional and attracting. Not everyday is a sunny blue day, is important to understand the weather chart on what’s coming up the next day. you wouldn’t want to bring a chunk of equipment and ended up facing a overcast or raining day.

It just a short thought of it, i will share more with you in future. Hope you enjoy reading it.

Corporate Photography Promotion for a limited period

June 2, 2014 Leave a comment

For a limited period of time only in Singapore. Starting from June – 31 July 2014. Capture Asia Photography is running a Corporate Photography promotion.

For individual who wish to update their new profile in second half of 2014. This is a great opportunity to follow make use of this advantage in term of pricing. Am also going to share a few ideas how you can fully maximize your picture usage.

1. Professional profile picture on your business card when giving it to your potential client.
2. Usage on business website if you are running your own business, it would be a great to show end users who is the person-in-charge/director/CEO, COO managing the business etc.
3. Professional profile image on your social media platform such as Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Blog, Instagram etc.
4. Clean look when submitting application for a new job, especially for fresh graduates who are joining the work force.
5. Front profile image for passport size photo usage in future.

Usual rate:
-45min session
-All soft images return
-Images download from website with secure password on the next day
-Choose 4 images for final editing

Promotion rate:
-30min session
-All soft images return
-Images download from website with secure password on the next day
-Choose 3 pictures for final editing
$120 (20% discount)
-For 3 people and above price is $100 each.

This exclusive promotion is applicable for all corporate client who is interested. Promotion is only applicable only on weekday from 10am-5pm and 7pm-10pm. Photo shoot will be in our studio. For more varieties, recommend client to bring at least 2 outfits for the shoot. Make-up artist is not included unless needed.

The direction of the shoot will be a very clean, sleek and professional look against a white background. A welcoming smile and confident posture will instantly generate ‘Likes’. First impression is very important. Hence making you look really in front of the camera is the photographer’s job. Photographer Ricky Gui had capture hundreds of corporate portraits in Asia for the past 7 years. Ensuring the best quality to you, nothing less.

For enquiry/booking of date, you can email through Capture Asia’s website.


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